OJam 2017!

So myself and a friend from school/work decided to head to OJam this year. However, since we were planning on arriving late due to other plans, we did not have a large team assembled. Nonetheless, we were still up to the challenge of making something playable and (hopefully) fun in the 40 hours we actually had.  

Once we learned about the theme (What's done cannot be undone), and we accepted for a fact that we'd have to limit ourselves to something simple, we came up with the idea of a game where you would create obstacles for yourself every time you did an action. From that idea emerged Barrier To Entry! 

Barrier to Entry is a fast paced competitive twin stick shooter in which every time you shoot, a barrier spawns at the location in front of your tank. That barrier will block your movement and your projectiles, but not your opponents'! 

It was quite a fun experience in the end. I consider that we chose an appropriate scope to our project, and distributed the tasks properly, such that we did not have any major hurdles during development.

HUUUUUUGE thanks goes out to Trois Pixels for providing us the awesome 3d models for the tanks and the environment, the game would have looked terrible without your help!


Barrier To Entry (OSX) 42 MB
Jul 03, 2017
Barrier To Entry (WIN) 38 MB
Jul 03, 2017

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