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Cat Defense is a tower defense like game in which you mine and gather resources used to create cats that will defend your base against angry rats.

Stand on top of a resource and press A/Space to mine it, then press A/Space to pickup the resource, bring it back to your base and drop it (same button).

Then when you have sufficient resources, go to a unit generator (paws), and input a recipe using X Y Z (or jkl on keyboard) then confirm it with A/space. If you selected a right recipe you'll spawn a cat to defend you!

Basic recipes contain just one of a given element (ex: 1 milk, or 1 fish, or 1 yarn).

Entry for Game Dev McGill's 2017 Winter Game Jam

Theme: Power of Three


cat_defense_osx.zip 22 MB
cat_defense_win.zip 17 MB